Meeting Procedures

Meeting Procedures for P-16 Council and Committee Meetings

  • All meetings are public and adhere to the Brown Act requirements.
  • All meetings are convened by the Chair, Co-chair, or designee. All action items are taken to vote, including approvals of agendas, minutes of meetings, and budget items.
  • Each P-16 Council member—or Committee Member approved by Chair at Committee meetings—has an equal vote, including the Chair and Co-Chair.
  • All action items are identified as such on the agenda distributed at least 24 hours prior to the meeting and posted at the Imperial County Office of Education for public review.
  • A preliminary agenda, subject to approval at the meeting, is circulated by email to all P-16 members prior to every meeting and includes minutes of the previous meeting and an invitation to add agenda items.
  • Action items may be added to the agenda at the regular meeting, if accepted by the Chair, Co-chair, or designee.
  • All P-16 Council and Committee members will be provided access to the same relevant information on all agenda items and will be provided time to discuss items taken to vote.
  • The P-16 Council/College-Going Initiative Coordinator and Clerical Assistant are staff to the P-16 Council and its established committees and complete and maintain all records, including agendas, minutes, and budgets.
  • Meeting procedures for the Business Committee and any other P-16 Council approved committees are conducted convened by the Chair, provide an agenda and minutes, designate responsibilities for activities and communication with P-16 Council and others affected by the action, and conduct votes in matters affecting the establishment of goals and projects and in matters affecting policies or budget.
  • Guests and staff may attend any P-16 Council and Committee meetings; these attendees may add agenda items before the meeting, participate in discussions or presentations when recognized by the Chair or designee, may be limited to the number and length of contributions if the Chair determines the necessity in order to conduct the business of the Council, and do not vote.